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Tinto Rosso, RipassoLa Pastorella, SangratoAmbrato and Barrica Rose are made from organically-grown grapes, using wild yeasts only, and no additives or preservatives of any kind. See the winemaking flowcharts for Tinto Rosso and Ambrato, more to be added soon.

All our wines are vegan-friendly. Drink now or cellar for 2-3 years. Delivered free in Australia. 

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 Tinto Rosso 2016 – 15 cases left

A field blend of two red grape varieties that we grow in our vineyard: Grenache and Mataró. Fermented in a beeswax lined clay pot. No stirring, no additions whatsoever, no racking, no fining, no filtering, just peace and quiet, and occasional topping up of the barrel. Matured for eight months in an old French oak barrique. Here is a link to the winemaking flowchart. Alcohol level: 13°. Order Tinto Rosso 2016

Ripasso 2016 – 2 cases left

Our exciting new offering, Ripasso, is a co-ferment of Muscat and Grenache which produces a very pleasant Rosé coloured wine with appealing apricot and berry aromas, quite unique in appearance and flavour. The finished Ripasso comes from the interaction of the finished wine with the pressings from a Shiraz and imparts a distinct herbal/spicy stamp on the wine, and also adds colour and tannin.

As all our wines, the Ripasso is made from 100% estate-grown fruit (no chemicals, dry grown) and bottled unfined and unfiltered, with no added sulphur. Only 1 barrel produced. Order Ripasso 2016.

Order here or at From The Producer website

Ambrato 2016 – pre-order (release November 2017)

Amber (orange) wine – a blend of unirrigated Semillon, Muscat Blanc plus a little bit of Muscat Rouge –  where the Muscat portion was fermented on skins, with native yeasts. Following fermentation the two were blended straight into an old French oak barrique and matured there for 10 months. Full natural malolactic fermentation with no acidity adjustments. In some parts of the world this wine will fall in the category of “amber” wines – made from white grapes but with red winemaking techniques. Bottled without SO2, pure natural bliss! Order Ambrato 2016

Barrica Rose 2016 – pre-order (release November 2017)

Dry grown Grenache picked early at the right Baume and pH for a Rose. Barrel fermented with its native yeasts and bacteria, full malolactic. Matured on fine lees in an old French oak barrique (hence the name) for 8 months without racking. Bottled straight from the barrel. No fining, no filtering. Order Barrica Rose 2017

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La Pastorella 2016 – pre-order (release April 2018)

Dry grown Semillon with a touch of Muscat Blanc picked early to preserve the natural acidity, barrel fermented with its native yeasts and bacteria. Full malolactic. Matured on fine lees in an old French oak hogshead for 8 months. Racked only once, bottled straight from the barrel without fining nor filtering. Crispy, refreshing, youthful! Order La Pastorella 2017.

Order here or at From The Producer website

Sangrato 2015 – SOLD OUT.

Deep amber, an unusual co-ferment of Grenache and Muscat Blanc, fermented in clay pots, with a lot of skin contact, native yeasts and bacteria. Bled off the red and amber ferments after 24 hours (a process also known as salasso) – roughly 40/60 Grenache/Muscat. Matured in old oak for 8 months, racked once. Full malolactic. An unusual wine, can be called Rose or Amber, we think it’s in a league of its own. Crisp and aromatic. Alcohol 11.5%.