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Consumers to drive transparency in wine

Increasing consumer awareness of food and drink additives will drive transparency in the wine trade, believes Isabelle Legeron MW. “There is a surprisingly low level of knowledge of how wine is made … and personally I like to know the sulphite levels. (…) I want to raise awareness of how wine is […]

Really? Red Wine Is Good for the Stomach

When it comes to the health-promoting effects of red wine, its potential to protect against heart disease tends to get all the attention. But there are some who see it as a sort of probiotic delivery system, capable of benefiting the stomach as well. The New York Times, 14 May […]

Wine: Employing common senses

The art of wine-tasting requires the use of all of your faculties. There are a couple of tasting techniques that when in employed at the right time and place can enhance the enjoyment of what you’re drinking. NZ Herald, 31 March 2011 read more

The wine buyer’s essentials

Need a trip to the bottle-o to celebrate, or simply to top up the wine rack? The options are endless, from bargain cleanskins to thousand-dollar cult drops. But how do you choose?, Mar 2011 read more