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natural wines Mill About Vineyard

We offer “visit by appointment”.  Booking is $10 per person – this includes:

      • • meeting with Stan, the grape-grower and winemaker
        • • a guided walk around Mill About Vineyard, and
        • tasting of our wines.

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It can be confusing to know the differences between “natural wines”, “organic wines”and  “biodynamic wines” as well as their place in relation to the conventionally made (industrial) wines.

To start with, true natural wines – such as ours – are made only from winemaker’s own organically-grown grapes AND with no SO2 or additives or manipulation of any sort during winemaking.

This isn’t necessarily the case with either “organic wines” or “biodynamic wines”, and certainly not the case with industrial wines.

It can also be confusing to distinguish between the genuine natural wines and those made with grapes that aren’t necessarily organically-grown – which, we must say, is very often the case, unfortunately!

There’s so much more we can tell you! We’ll be more than happy to provide detailed information and answer questions.

We can assist you with your natural wine selection or answer any questions you may have about our natural wines. You’re also most welcome to share your experiences and thoughts of our wines – send us your feedback and suggestions.

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