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Natural wine: Grape, whole grape and nothing but the grape

“In my opinion, all wine is not natural – but we sell this dream to consumers that it is,” says Isabelle Legeron, a wine consultant and educator who focuses on natural wine. “We show them gorgeous stories, rows of green vines – but we don’t ever question how that drink […]

Wine additives leave a nasty aftertaste

There is a widespread view among the wine-drinking community that the additives and processing aids routinely used in wine production have a detrimental effect on the drinker. There is also growing anxiety about what is being added to Australian wine in the first place, and the effect this is having […]

Wine Books Worth Reading

The rise of natural wines over the last five years has provoked one of the most contentious and useful debates in recent wine history. Though it is a fringe movement, with little organization or no goal other than producing and enjoying its own wines with as little winemaking intervention as […]

It’s nature vs nurture

Natural wine is one of the hottest trends in winegeekworld, and one of the most polarising. Natural wines are fermented with as little intervention as possible. Nothing added, nothing taken away. No packets of yeast, no enzymes, no filtration, ideally not even any sulphur. The Australian, 17 December 2011 read […]

Wine: how green is your glass?

Wine is defined as an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice. Today, in order to keep up with demand, synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides are added. These chemicals can leach into the soil, stripping it of life and nutrients. Excessive use often causes runoff and pollution and […]