Artisan wine fair RAW to launch in London

Organised by Isabelle Legeron MW, co-founder of last year’s Natural Wine Fair at Borough Market in London, RAW aims to build on the success of the Natural Wine Fair by acting as an independent event open to all producers, importers and official bodies. The Drinks Business, 13 February 2012 read […]

Sulphites in wine

There are three reasons you might not want sulphur dioxide added to your wine: taste, health and principle. read more:

New EU rules for ‘Organic Wine’ agreed

Sorbic acid and desulfurication will not be allowed and the level of sulphites in organic wine must be at least 30-50 mg per litre lower than their conventional equivalent (depending on the residual sugar content). Other than this subset of specifications, the general wine-making rules defined in the Wine CMO […]

Do you know what’s in your wine?

Grapes, thankfully. But also possibly one or more of those: acidity regulator (potassium bicarbonate), preservative (potassium metabisulphite), copper sulphate, antioxidants (carbon dioxide, nitrogen) yeast, yeast nutrient (diammonium phosphate), bentonite, filtration and pectinolytic enzymes. read more: Natural movement gains legs

2012 grape harvest started!

Semillon harvest: done! It’s going to be transformed into a totally natural wine – “nothing added and nothing taken away” as the author of Naked wine, Alice Feiring, says. Next: the Grenache – still ripening on the vines, for a few more weeks.