Top UK restaurants rally behind natural wines

Over 200 UK restaurants are offering natural wines as part of Real Wine Month. (…)  Natural wines are considered to be those made not only with organic and biodynamic principles in the vineyard, but also with minimal to no manipulation in the winery. 3 May 2012 read more:

Defining Green Wine

There’s been a lot of talk about “green” wines recently, so in honor of Earth Day we decided to break down the journey from the vine to the bottle to determine how a wine gets the green stamp. These days there are many shades of green so we are looking […]

Why We Should Love Natural Wines

Any new wine list worth its reputation will have a hefty selection of natural wines. The reason I love them is the same reason I love heirloom tomatoes, or white truffles, or bitter chocolate – they have exceptional flavor, complexity, and surprise. To borrow a theater analogy, they break the […]

Grape harvest 2012: Done!

It’s a relief to know that 2012 vintage is coming to a successful end, with all grapes picked and fermenting quietly in the wine tanks. The rain can now come!

nice little video on the natural wine issues

This 7min video is about natural winemaking in France where the movement started. Natural wines are made from grapes grown without the use of chemicals. No commercial yeasts, sulfates or other additives are added during the winemaking process. Watch the video