Taking the Mask Off of Wine: How Wine Follows the Lead of Cuisine

Ask any winemaker what they need to make good wine and they will tell you there are three answers; good grapes, good grapes, and good grapes. When you have a unique wine, from a unique place it would seem intuitive to show off the great grapes; with very little camouflage. […]

The Lack of Veritas in Vino

At a time when consumers are demanding more transparency about the things they eat and drink, there is still a distinct lack of veritas in vino. (…) Perhaps the best answer would be to require producers of all kinds of wine to list what is actually in the bottle. The […]

The unknown side of modern winemaking

Things you never read about on back labels. Read through the own words of the wine-additives businesses what these miracle powders and liquids can do on otherwise-mediocre juices and wines. read more

British interest in the natural wine phenomenon continues to grow

So what exactly is natural wine? This is a tricky one, as the individuals in the amorphous natural wine movement tend towards anarchy and deliberate resistance to any regulation. In very vague terms, they are against any additives to wine. Financial Times, 2 June 2012 read more