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Finding balance among the grape vines

“Those who know me, including my mother, often ask why I go through all of this effort. For me, the answer is simple. While it is time-consuming and sometimes physically demanding, being out in the vines gives me the time to clear my mind” Canadian Lawyer, 20 June 2011 Read […]

“There’s a Georgian saying: first there is mother’s milk, then there is wine.”

In Georgia, fermenting white wine on skins, in amphorae, is seen as traditional – conservative even. But in much younger wine countries such as Australia, it’s seen as avant-garde, groundbreaking. A small but growing number of adventurous grape-treaders here are experimenting with the technique. The Australian, 28 May 2011 read […]

A homegrown blend for sustainable wine

Traditional wine-making practices often just happen to also be sustainable practices. “… wine has been around for centuries and centuries, long before we had the pesticides or techniques we have today” Boulder Weekly, 2 June 2011 read more

The Timeline: Wine production

An interesting article, about wine production and winemaking, from 5000BC till modern times in 21 Century. read the article

Can music make wine taste better?

If one Austrian’s quirky idea catches on, wine tastings could soon sound like this: Is that some Mozart in my glass? A hint of Haydn, maybe? The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 March 2011 read more