Artisan food: Wine au naturel

To advocates, fine natural wines taste like no other. But they have another virtue: their lack of sulphites gets rid of a surprising reaction to more commercially produced bottles. (…) Only natural wines are farmed organically and hand-harvested and then bottled using low or no intervention. No reverse osmosis machinery, no […]

Natural wine – it may not be what you expect

For Isabelle Legeron MW, who has been championing natural wine for some years, the ideal is a wine that’s made from organic grapes with nothing added and nothing taken away. (…) At RAW, a natural wine fair that Legeron set up three years ago, she’s aiming for the next best […]

What is your take on the term “natural wine”?

“I would prefer to use the word “artisanal,” which is more what I do. I act and behave as an artisan. I feel like a farmer who focuses on wine. Unfortunately in Italy, there is not a clear distinction between artisanal and industrial. It is not a question of size […]

Very warm welcome to our wines in Melbourne

Soon to be available from Geralds Bar – Witchcraft; Persillade – Witchcraft; Bacash – La Pastorella; Harry and Frankie – Witchcraft; Super Normal – Witchcraft and La Pastorella. Only thing – not much left for us …