Excuses, excuses …

The author of this article makes a lengthy and unconvincing effort to defend the use of chemistry in wine. If people don’t know why or how to make wine without the addition of SO2 (and tartaric acid, and yeast, etc) they have not studied enough. I will refer them to the […]

“Only Natural Wines Can Be Truly Great” Claims New Book

Natural wine is such a charged term that you fear fisticuffs might break out if you dare mention the category that must not be named. But Master of Wine Isabelle Legeron, natural wine’s most vocal proponent, has become the frontwoman for a bunch of producers often portrayed as tree huggers. […]

Legeron: Natural wines can age for 50 years

Natural wine pioneer Isabelle Legeron MW has hit out at critics of the movement, claiming that wines without sulphites are capable of ageing for up to 50 years. (…) Legeron also believes that the increasingly trendy category of “orange” wines needs an official definition. Read more

Artisan food: Wine au naturel

To advocates, fine natural wines taste like no other. But they have another virtue: their lack of sulphites gets rid of a surprising reaction to more commercially produced bottles. (…) Only natural wines are farmed organically and hand-harvested and then bottled using low or no intervention. No reverse osmosis machinery, no […]