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“Natural” vs “Modern” winemaking war is getting boring!

As a natural wine producer, I’d be interested to know more about this author’s experiences of natural wines. Maybe he can provide a list of the natural wines he tasted and disliked so intensely? Maybe he can assure us that he’s never tasted “modern” wines that exhibited those characteristics: “oxidized, brown and taste like the […]

At last a balanced and objective view

One rarely reads an article on the natural wine movement that isn’t one-sided. Most importantly, the author calls for truce between the “Mainstream Mob” and the “Natural Posse”. Here’s the article, When Did Wine Become So Partisan?

Yes! Wine made with grapes, and nothing else

Great news about natural wines soon to reach the Polish market! The article, by sommelier Joseph R. Di Blasi, offers a spot-on explanation about the natural winemaking philosophy. Lucky Polish wine lovers will have a chance to taste the wines of Frank Cornelissen – a legend in the natural wine movement, who will […]

“Only Natural Wines Can Be Truly Great” Claims New Book

Natural wine is such a charged term that you fear fisticuffs might break out if you dare mention the category that must not be named. But Master of Wine Isabelle Legeron, natural wine’s most vocal proponent, has become the frontwoman for a bunch of producers often portrayed as tree huggers. […]