Great news: “powerful wine critics lost their grip on the marketplace”

Yes, it was about time! Wine critics who pronounce a natural wine “faulty” – only because they’ve long forgotten the taste of authentic, non-modified wine. Wines by recipe (“industrial plonk”) getting various star ratings. The more “ingredients” – the more stars? We’ve long predicted that “Industrial wine producers will hijack the word […]


Another exciting Melbourne launch of two of our new wines

Again – a very enthusiastic welcome to our new releases, Cloudy Red and La Pastorella 2014 (white), in Melbourne restaurants, thanks to ExCellar Agencies! Watch this space for the December release of our red wine Tinto Rosso 2014 and orange wine Witchcraft 2014.  

Wine Beats Yogurt in Health Stakes

Scientists announced that healthy probiotics bacteria have been discovered in wine and may be beneficial for people’s health. However the process of adding sulfites (or sulfur dioxide) to wine kills them off – so drinkers have to stick to natural wines with no added sulfites. Read more

Pure pleasure: the natural wine bar scene

In little more than five years ‘vins naturels’ have become a sensation in Paris. Isabelle Legeron, an expert on the subject picks her favourite places to imbibe. Read more

A summary of winemaking methods

So true: “Old traditions in winemaking have, unfortunately, been replaced by modern manipulations that render many wines alike”. Here’s quick summary of the article by the Real Wine Guy: How to Make Natural Wine: commercial winemaking organic / natural / biodynamic winemaking commercial winemaking aims to produce consistent wine each year use of […]