A list of restaurants in Australia and around the world, serving natural wines

This article explains the basics of natural winemaking, as an introduction to a good list of restaurants where wine lovers could taste natural wines. “Natural wines are wines where the vineyards have been treated with respect using organic or biodynamic practices.” While most of the restaurants on the list are in Europe, […]

End of vintage 2015!

Last Mataro safely in the winery, joining the Grenache, Semillon and Muscat. What an epic grape harvest effort – not least for the heat! All grapes picked by hand with the HUGE help of Stan’s mother – such an efficient and hard-working grape picker. Great wines are now in the […]

Mill About Vineyard, end of vintage, last Mataro grapes

drink red wine

But of course: “new study suggests that wine can help burn fat”!

Ignore the “red grape juice” bit – just drink wine! (in moderation). So many benefits, and more discovered as we speak! “study, conducted by researchers from three American universities, found that drinking wine (or red grape juice) in moderation was useful in helping obese people manage their health, especially metabolic […]

Vintage 2015, day one

Great start of our own Barossa grape harvest, at Mill About Vineyard. Nice weather, 23 degrees, cool shade under the vines, efficient grape pickers. Starting with the Semillon, to be picked in stages over several days – as per our winemaker’s instructions!

Stan's mum picking Semillon grapes