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Do you buy your wine according to wine critics’ ratings?

As we’ve also said: “experts can’t judge wine accurately”! A 2005 study proved that even trained wine critics  can be  mistaken. Of course, the wine industry which depends on  the ratings of a handful of “wine judges” doesn’t like such findings. Wine taste is very subjective – how could a […]

Is wine being insidiously standardised?

The answer, we think, is “yes”! Wine made to please the particular perceptions of a group of wine critics.  This article talks about the increasingly powerful movement against wine uniformity – lead by people who don’t go by established rules, “passionate revolutionaries”, “rebels and refuseniks”, “independent winegrowers”. This sounds very much […]

Pre order your 2015 Mill About Vineyard wine

Our 2014 and previous vintages have been sold out. These Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide restaurants, bars and wine shops ordered our wine – maybe you can still try it there. The 2015 wines are all very promising – red, white, orange and rose currently resting in their old oak barrels and should be ready to introduce […]

A list of restaurants in Australia and around the world, serving natural wines

This article explains the basics of natural winemaking, as an introduction to a good list of restaurants where wine lovers could taste natural wines. “Natural wines are wines where the vineyards have been treated with respect using organic or biodynamic practices.” While most of the restaurants on the list are in Europe, […]