La Pastorella and Barrica Rose wines released! Delivered free!

We’re very happy to release these two delicious wines from our 2015 range: La Pastorella (white) and Barrica Rose (rose). Once you order online or by email the wine will be delivered postage-free to your address (within Australia)! La Pastorella (white wine) Dry grown Semillon with a touch of Muscat Blanc […]


caution pesticide sign

Agricultural chemicals came from war zones

Unbelievably, as I was writing this post and searching for a “danger to your life” image to add to it, I came across this very recent ABC article, promoting the use of chemicals. How ironic, and how sad … But let me continue with my blog … Heavily used in […]

Do you buy your wine according to wine critics’ ratings?

As we’ve also said: “experts can’t judge wine accurately”! A 2005 study proved that even trained wine critics  can be  mistaken. Of course, the wine industry which depends on  the ratings of a handful of “wine judges” doesn’t like such findings. Wine taste is very subjective – how could a […]


Is wine being insidiously standardised?

The answer, we think, is “yes”! Wine made to please the particular perceptions of a group of wine critics.  This article talks about the increasingly powerful movement against wine uniformity – lead by people who don’t go by established rules, “passionate revolutionaries”, “rebels and refuseniks”, “independent winegrowers”. This sounds very much […]

Pre order your 2015 Mill About Vineyard wine

Our 2014 and previous vintages have been sold out. These Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide restaurants, bars and wine shops ordered our wine – maybe you can still try it there. The 2015 wines are all very promising – red, white, orange and rose currently resting in their old oak barrels and should be ready to introduce […]

2015 vintage in barels