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Organically-managed vineyard: seasol just before vine budburst

Stan has a big job to do in our organically-managed vineyard – the grapevines buds are about to open, so it’s the best time to apply the Seasol spray. It will be followed by another Seasol application in a few weeks time, as a vine foliage spray.  

Wine tips – how to store, serve, and enjoy wine

How to store wine How to serve wine Useful natural wine vs organic wine information Links to wine books and grape varieties How to store wine Wine continues to develop in the bottle so it is very important to store it properly: Light: store your wine in darker conditions as […]

Have you tried our Sangrato?

Our Sangrato is an unusual wine that can be called Rose or Amber. It’s made from Grenache and Muscat Blanc (40/60) bled off the red and amber ferments after 24 hours, in a process also known as salasso. Fermented in an old barrel with its native yeasts and bacteria and then […]