Starting in April: vineyard and winery tour on Saturdays

Every Saturday: vineyard tour and winery – book now! The 1.5 hour vineyard tour and wine tasting include:  • tasting of our latest wine releases: La Pastorella, Tinto Rosso, and the “brothers” Ambrato and Sangrato. Stan will tell you the story of each wine, from the grape bunch to the glass. He may also […]

Mill About Vineyard - winery door

piet de cuvee, wild yeast starter

Wild yeasts starter a.k.a. “Pied de Cuvee”

“A natural wine is fermented only with the wild yeasts native to its terroir.” Stan doesn’t use commercial yeasts during winemaking, he uses wild yeasts (or indigenous yeast) already present in our vineyard. About one week before vintage he picks some grapes, to make the wild yeast starter – also known by the fancy name […]

Mill About Vineyard’s wines on social media

learning on the go … With the tiny social media presence that we currently have, we are always excited when somebody mentions our wines online! Here’s our Sangrato (extended skin contact wine, rose), via Instagram, in Supernormal, Melbourne. There’s so much to learn, daily about the wonders of social media and how […]

sangrato rose wine in supernormal

Organically-managed vineyard: seasol just before vine budburst

Stan has a big job to do in our organically-managed vineyard – the grapevines buds are about to open, so it’s the best time to apply the Seasol spray. It will be followed by another Seasol application in a few weeks time, as a vine foliage spray.  

Richard Owens about our Sangrato, at the recent @WithWine Tasting

Sangrato, at a wine tasting in Sydney In this brief video Richard Owens talks about our Sangrato at a recent wine tasting in Sydney. Recently Richard Owens, founder of the online platform WithWine, hosted a wine tasting at the screening of the new Australian feature film Crushed in Sydney. Set in beautiful wine country, this thriller follows the […]