Everything you wanted to know about natural wine

Yet another article on natural wine – it does a good job of describing it and dismissing the notion of “confusion” around it: “What is natural wine? For some unknown reason, just about every story on this topic tends to begin with the author or an interview subject stating how […]

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Enjoy wine!

We love it when our clients give us positive feedback: “rock solid”, “super tasty”! Even better when we see a photo of our wine with a label a “favourite wine”! Read some Instagram and Facebook posts, by our clients in Melbourne, Westgarth Liquor and Seddon Wine Store, about the always […]

After the first great wedding – let’s have more!

The long awaited photos from our daughter’s wedding arrived! Milla got married to Lachlan at Mill About Vineyard in January 2017 – it was such a perfect, perfect day for two beautiful young people to celebrate their love! We enjoyed the occasion so much – now we’re thinking of repeating the success and hosting […]



Pressing Muscat grapes for our Ambrato wine

Here’s a video-glimpse of the winemaking of our amber wine (a.k.a. orange wine) Ambrato, at the early stages post grape harvest. In this video, Stan is pressing Blanc à Petits Grains and Muscat Rouge à Petits Grains. From the first step: grape crush – till the last step: bottling, nothing is added […]

Mill About Vineyard – photobook

See Mill About Vineyard’s story in a photobook Flip through the pages of this photobook – it includes photos taken over 10 years from 2006 till 2016 and documents our progress through the years, as grape growers and winemakers in Barossa Valley. As time goes on, one tends to forget how all […]

Mill About Vineyard photobook cover