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When to decant a bottle of wine

One of the oft-asked questions is: Should all wines be decanted? (…) Natural wines and biodynamic wines, whatever their age, are candidates for decanting. This is because natural-wine producers believe that the more they intervene in the winemaking process, the more tastes in a wine are removed. Read more AsiaOne News, 20 […]

Consumers to drive transparency in wine

Increasing consumer awareness of food and drink additives will drive transparency in the wine trade, believes Isabelle Legeron MW. “There is a surprisingly low level of knowledge of how wine is made … and personally I like to know the sulphite levels. (…) I want to raise awareness of how wine is […]

The Brangelina rosé, the whiter shade of pale

As I looked at the oversized, Hollywood-like bottle,  I remembered a story about when past Meilleur Sommelier du Monde’s, Olivier Poussier was asked to offer a toast to rosé. Instead  he delivered an obituary. In front of his Provençal hosts he proclaimed that due to technology,  true Provençal rose was […]