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Is it Qvevri Wine or Natural Wine?

A natural wine is a wine that allows the grapes to express themselves without adding things during fermentation and aging. Wait, winemakers add things to a wine? Yes, quite a bit! The Messenger Online, 24 September 2013. Read more

Care For Something Wild? Natural Wines Go Upmarket

The absence of sulfites – or sulfur dioxide (SO2) – is a determining criterion to belong to the natural wine club. Without the antiseptic and antioxidant effects of the SO2, wine is unstable and can start fermenting again. It must be preserved below 14 degrees at all times. Once it […]

Natural wine is the best wine

“I long ago decided that “no-tech” wines taste better. And, I now believe, so do no-sulfite wines. Humans created a lot of great wine before our technical era, so, clearly, it’s doable. Yet, so prevalent are the industrial techniques, even at very small wineries that very few visitors to our tasting […]

Newcomers at Mill About Vineyard

The newly established Grass Management Team at Mill About Vineyard: Holy, Moly, Doly and Poly, and their supervisors Ali and Paco.