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Additive-free wine finding favour with Australian producers, consumers

” … sommelier at Melbourne’s acclaimed Attica restaurant Banjo Harris Plane says they offer a flavour and texture, not found in more conventionally made wine. (…) when I came across these wines they were so new and exciting that they really took my breath away,” he said. “Wines made with this lack […]

A review about Mill About Vineyard’s Tinto Rosso

Not your usual GSM, this is a very exclusive wine made with a blend of Grenache, Saperavi and Mataro. Attack is like a red wine jus, slightly thick with a background of very red ripe cherries. There is a confectionary taste to it, again the redskins, little musky and sugar […]

Is it Qvevri Wine or Natural Wine?

A natural wine is a wine that allows the grapes to express themselves without adding things during fermentation and aging. Wait, winemakers add things to a wine? Yes, quite a bit! The Messenger Online, 24 September 2013. Read more

Care For Something Wild? Natural Wines Go Upmarket

The absence of sulfites – or sulfur dioxide (SO2) – is a determining criterion to belong to the natural wine club. Without the antiseptic and antioxidant effects of the SO2, wine is unstable and can start fermenting again. It must be preserved below 14 degrees at all times. Once it […]