Natural wine – it may not be what you expect

For Isabelle Legeron MW, who has been championing natural wine for some years, the ideal is a wine that’s made from organic grapes with nothing added and nothing taken away. (…) At RAW, a natural wine fair that Legeron set up three years ago, she’s aiming for the next best […]

What is your take on the term “natural wine”?

“I would prefer to use the word “artisanal,” which is more what I do. I act and behave as an artisan. I feel like a farmer who focuses on wine. Unfortunately in Italy, there is not a clear distinction between artisanal and industrial. It is not a question of size […]

Very warm welcome to our wines in Melbourne

Soon to be available from Geralds Bar – Witchcraft; Persillade – Witchcraft; Bacash – La Pastorella; Harry and Frankie – Witchcraft; Super Normal – Witchcraft and La Pastorella. Only thing – not much left for us …

2014 vintage at Mill About Vineyard is almost over!

It’s time to relax a bit, with the Semillon and Muscat harvested in Jan-Feb and the Grenache, Saperavi and Mataro picked last weekend. Wonderful to have Nelly’s mother helping this year!         Very good yield, great grape quality. On to Stan’s winemaking magic.

Grenache fermenting