Beware: laxative chemical to be used in winemaking!

So disappointing to read an article saying that “Winemakers will begin using a chemical additive that is also used in toothpaste and laxatives, after the Food Standards agency ruled it safe. The Australian reports that the Winemakers Federation of Australia has won approval to use sodium carboxymethyl cellulose — commonly […]

The good stuff improves brain performance

a team of researchers from Oxford University’s Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics found a link between heightened cognitive activity and consumption of wine, tea and chocolate, and the findings were reported in the Journal of Nutrition. HC Online, 25 November 2011 Read more http://www.hcamag.com/news/the-lighter-side/the-good-stuff-improves-brain-performance/120303/

Mill About Vineyard’s next wine tasting 16 October

Come along to our next wine tasting, at Chateau Tanunda’s Small Winemakers Centre, on Sunday, 16 October! Try our preservative-free, single-vineyard, hand-crafted wines 2010 Bush Vine Grenache and 2010 Sémillon. See you soon!