Enjoy wine!

We love it when our clients give us positive feedback: “rock solid”, “super tasty”! Even better when we see a photo of our wine with a label a “favourite wine”! Read some Instagram and Facebook posts, by our clients in Melbourne, Westgarth Liquor and Seddon Wine Store, about the always […]


What is your secret ingredient in the Semillon?

One of our loyal customer recently said: “We’ll have to get some more wine from you. What is your secret ingredient in the Semillon? I’ve become addicted to it, and we are nearly out of stocks again. I find I really like the clean taste and prefer it to any […]

Wines you will remember!

I strongly recommend you try these delicious and unusual wines. My friends Nelly and Stan have put their hearts, skills and hard work in creating wines you will remember! B.

Millabout Grenache is simply delicious!

Millabout Grenache is simply delicious and does go nicely with a wide variety of food. I tried it with dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), olive dip + crackers, freshly popped popcorn – all in one night (believe it or not). Loved every drop of it and will be ordering more soon.  […]

Great to know our wine brings enjoyment!

“We really enjoyed your 2010 Semillon tonight. It was superb with seafood and delivered it’s full promise of a fruity yet complex highly drinkable wine with a beautiful colour. We are looking forward to trying the Grenache and will certainly become a regular customer of Millabout.”