natural wines

What’s in Your Glass?

An interesting artisan wine festival coming up in September: “Featuring natural, organic and biodynamic wines from right across Australia and New Zealand” Sunday 29 September 2014, 12pm – 5pm Visit the website for full details

The Untuned Catbird and Natural Wines

An interestingparallel between birds songs and wine: “What makes the catbird special is that he, like his other feathered brethren, have carved out a distinct identity on the local airwaves. Oh how boring it would be if all birds sounded alike, but industrialized food and wine have reached a just […]

What is “Natural Wine”? Frank Cornelissen answers

One of the world’s most renowned producers explained it so well. It’s like he’s talking about us 🙂 “natural wine is a combination of healthy grapes (…) the grapes are not treated at all, which goes beyond biodynamic or organic farming, and afterwards – not using any corrections (in the […]

An amazing East End Cellars Day!

What a fantastic day at East End Cellars’ wine tasting! Wonderful hosts, perfect weather, youthful and enthusiastic crowd. Stan met with other like-minded winemakers and everybody praised our wines. Great to see that natural wines are gaining more and more followers!        

East End Cellars wine tasting 2 Feb 2013