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Mill About Vineyard’s wines now available at Château Tanunda

We are now offering our 2010 wines – Bush Vine Grenache and Nelly’s Block Sémillon at the Small Winemakers’ Centre – Château Tanunda. Come and talk to Stan – the winemaker, and try our wines, at our wine tasting event on 27 August, at the  Small Winemakers’ Centre – Château […]

Wines you will remember!

I strongly recommend you try these delicious and unusual wines. My friends Nelly and Stan have put their hearts, skills and hard work in creating wines you will remember! B.

Millabout Grenache is simply delicious!

Millabout Grenache is simply delicious and does go nicely with a wide variety of food. I tried it with dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), olive dip + crackers, freshly popped popcorn – all in one night (believe it or not). Loved every drop of it and will be ordering more soon.  […]

Autumn in the vineyard

We’ve been looking forward to the Easter long weekend and some leisurely time at our Barossa vineyard. The grapevines have now lost their leaves and the beautiful bare vine branches have almost sculptural effect – the Grenache’s upward branches pointing this way or that and the Sémillon’s gracefully arching down. […]

Another happy wine lover

Dear Nelly and Stan just wanted to say we tried your wines this afternoon and they are beautiful! Well done! I was going to get the white (Sémillon) but I think I will get some red (Grenache) as well, it is lovely.