Do you buy your wine according to wine critics’ ratings?

As we’ve also said: “experts can’t judge wine accurately”!white_wine_in_glass

A 2005 study proved that even trained wine critics  can be  mistaken. Of course, the wine industry which depends on  the ratings of a handful of “wine judges” doesn’t like such findings.

Wine taste is very subjective – how could a wine critic tell you that you should like this wine (10 stars) but not that one (1 star)?

How you taste wine depends on many things including your mood, if you have food with it or not, if are you alone – or with company, if you’re listening to music – what music, the general atmosphere of the place – and so on.

If the wine is made in a non-invasive way, that is – not being augmented by additives, you would taste the actual taste of grapes. Wine make in a natural way are never the same year after year – unlike industrial-by-recipe wines.

Be your own wine judge!