The Untuned Catbird and Natural Wines

An interestingparallel between birds songs and wine:

“What makes the catbird special is that he, like his other feathered brethren, have carved out a distinct identity on the local airwaves. Oh how boring it would be if all birds sounded alike, but industrialized food and wine have reached a just such a dreary state of homogenization.”

“I prefer the challenges, surprises, and rewards of drinking real wine instead of engineered, homogenized, industrial wine. I will take the occasional catbird mixed with the nightingales of our local woods such as the Veery and Wood Thrush. Wiping out the individuality of a vineyard’s terroir during processing is like tuning a catbird. You might end up with a more consistent wine, but it is a wine with no soul.”

The Wine Observer, 27 July 2014

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